1.5 Hour Birthday Party.15 Guests.
1 Amazing Experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Guests do you allow?
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We have different packages that allow for different numbers of guests. On the next page we'll be able to show you each option, along with it's cost.

What all do you provide at the party?
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We provide all utensils, plates, napkins, forks, cups, water, tables, etc. Plus all of the decorations, games, activities, music, a REAL Martial Arts instructor....We really have it all worked out for you!

What about the cake?
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Most parents want to get their own cake for birthday boy or birthday girl, so we typically don't provide it. We can, if you'd like us to. We do however, provide all plates, napkins, forks, etc.

How do we reserve a party?
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Enter your email on this page, and you'll be sent to the next page where you can choose which party package you'd like. You'll then be able to pay a small deposit to secure your date.